Interested in becoming a Rooted Facilitator?

Step 1: Complete Rooted

Step 2: Complete Rooted Facilitator Application

Step 3: Complete brief interview

*All Rooted facilitators must be a member of Third City Christian Church

What is the time commitment for a Rooted Facilitator?

  • 2 hour Facilitator orientation prior to the Rooted session

  • 30-45 minute weekly Facilitator meeting (typically at 1pm on Sundays)

  • 5-10 minute weekly email & video training at home

  • 2 hour weekly group time + 2 outside experiences (prayer and serve)

  • Weekly daily devotions in the Rooted workbook

As a facilitator, you’ll be praying over your group and leading out in communicating with your group weekly. Also, you will complete a key part of the Rooted experience by writing a prayer of blessing for each group member.

*Attendance - Attendance is key as a facilitator. We ask that you do not miss any of your group sessions. These are mandatory. The weekly facilitator meetings are also very important. These are how we keep everyone on the same page, provide relevant and timely information, and how we keep each group moving at the same pace. This is also a great place for learning from other facilitators and most importantly we are able to pray over you and your groups.

To apply as a Rooted facilitator, complete this online application.

(Deadline for Winter Rooted is December 8th.)