Rooted is your first step to joining a TC Small Group. 

TC Small Groups build upon the Rooted experience and provide a community for people to grow through encouragement and accountability while experiencing life together. Your first step to joining a Small Group is to experience Rooted. Once you complete Rooted, you may choose to continue in your Rooted Group or join another Small Group. If you would like to join a Small Group, please complete this form.

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a simple, proven method to build disciples. It is not just for new believers or new members; it’s for the whole church.  It will help the new Christian learn what it means to follow God and it will challenge the seasoned Christian to deepen their walk with God.

In Rooted, you will learn the rhythms of walking with Christ and walking with others. From deepening your faith, developing your prayer life, understanding of Scripture and service to others, Rooted will join you with others in the same pursuit. 

There are many ways to get involved, check out other options available now!

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