Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Rooted for ‘new Christians’ or ‘seasoned Christians’?
Both. Rooted is a curriculum designed for all people. It will help the new Christian learn what it means to follow God and it will challenge the seasoned Christian to deepen their walk with God.

Where are Rooted groups held?
Rooted groups are held at Third City Christian Church. 

Is there homework? 
Rooted includes a book and asks participants to engage in a 15-20-minute Bible reading, devotion, and response 5 days a week. It’s an accessible and meaningful way to grow during the Rooted experience!

What types of Rooted groups are offered?
We offer co-ed and gender specific groups.  Rooted leaders will do their best to accommodate the group preferences you indicate during registration.

Can I sign up with a group of people for Rooted?
You can sign up with a group of people for Rooted. However, please be aware we must limit our Rooted groups to 14 people in each group. For example, if your small group has 8 people, we will be adding 6 more people to the group in order to fill it up.

Can my small group do the Rooted curriculum?
One of the requirements of Rooted is that the facilitator has participated and completed a Rooted group. If you have completed the Rooted curriculum in group setting, you can take your small group through it at one of the specified times. (See Can I sign up with a group of people for Rooted?)

Is childcare available? 
One advantage of having our Rooted groups at Third City is that we can offer excellent care for children of Rooted participants at select times. Childcare is available for the 11 weeks of normal group time. Childcare is not available for the 2 outside experiences (prayer & serve). When registering, please make sure childcare is offered during the selected time. 

What is the attendance requirement? 
The 11 week Rooted experience is 13 total sessions; 10 on your normal group time, 2 outside experiences with your group and a final Celebration that you can't miss. Rooted participants are expected to attend both outside experiences and miss no more than 2 weeks of the normal group time.

What if I miss more than 2 of the normal group times?
The Rooted experience is so important that you will be asked to withdraw from the current session and register for the next.

What if I miss one of the 2 outside experiences? 
While we realize there may be some extenuating circumstances, we consider these “can’t miss” experiences through the Rooted journey. Group leaders will lead groups to find dates and times that the entire group agrees upon for the Prayer and Serve Experiences.

What are the 2 outside experiences?
All Rooted groups will do a Prayer Experience and a Serve Experience -- each take about 3 hours.

What is the cost of Rooted? 
Registration cost is $50/person, which includes materials and a meal at the Celebration.

Can I have my infant with me during Rooted?
No. It’s no surprise that we love kids! We also know how important it is for adults to have focused time together to grow. With this in mind, please plan accordingly for any and all childcare needs. For mother’s with infants, please determine if this is the best season for you to take Rooted. 

What is the cost of childcare?
Childcare costs $50.00 per child, which is less than $5.00 per child for the 11 weeks. If you have a need, please click on the Scholarship Assistance button.

What if I am unable to pay the $50 fee? 
We realize the cost is an investment for all participating. To keep it affordable, the cost is about $5.00 per week for an individual to participate. If you have a need, please click on the Scholarship Assistance button. Please note that If you receive a scholarship and then dropout, you will not be eligible for future scholarships.

Do I have to pay the full $50 upfront? 
If there are extenuating financial concerns, we are happy to consider your needs and have a discussion with you.

Are there refunds available if I do not complete Rooted?
If you communicate that you are dropping out after session 3, there are no refunds. If you communicate that you are dropping out before session 3 and your Rooted workbook is untouched, a full refund is available after it has been turned in or a partial refund of $35.00 is available if your Rooted workbook has been used.

What is the ideal group size?
The ideal Rooted group size is 10-12 individuals per group. 

Who will be facilitating Rooted groups? 
Rooted groups are facilitated by individuals or couples who have already experienced Rooted.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?
Please contact Nick Schonlau
or Lora Quandt for more information.