Job Description - Teacher Aide

Reports to and is responsible to: Preschool Director and Preschool Teacher.  


    -Shall assist the teacher in providing a warm, nurturing, Christ-centered, safe, and
     loving environment in which children can grow physically, emotionally, intellectually,
     and spiritually.

    -Assists classroom teacher in supervision and management of preschool children.

    -Interacts with, initiates, and encourages children in daily activities.

    -Helps children control behavior using a Christ-centered, positive, consistent approach.

    -Helps children grow to become independent.

    -Helps prepare the learning environment as directed by teacher.

    -Assists teacher in record-keeping and observations related to children's development, health and behavior.

    -Prepares snacks.

    -Promotes integral learning during snack time.

    -Maintains good communication with parents.

    -Helps with general housekeeping tasks.

    -Attends to needs of individual children with sensitivity.

    -Helps teacher in other ways as needed.

    -Will serve as the substitute teacher if the head teacher is absent.

    -Teach curriculum in accordance with guidelines set forth by regular
     Teacher, Director, and Advisory Board, if head teacher is absent.


Education/Experience Requirements:

Experience working with young children in learning situations.


Pay shall be determined by the Preschool Advisory Board. 


Required in-service hours will be prorated according to how many hours are worked.  Performance reviews will be done at 6 months during the first year of employment and annually thereafter.