When: July 30th-Aug 2nd (July 30th, leaving by 3:00 PM / August 2nd returning around 4:00 PM)

Where: Summer Fusion is held on the campus of Covenant Cedars Bible Camp in Hordville, NE.

Who: Emergency contact information (sending a text is best due to sporadic cell coverage):

Important Dates:

July 1st: It will be very difficult for us to take any registrations after July 1st. To guarantee your students spot, fill out the Liability form on the student ministry portion of the church’s website and be sure to fill our the Summer Fusion Registration Form above.

July 30th: We will leave at 3:00pm. Please be here early enough to have your luggage loaded and ready for departure.  Emergency Contact information will be given out on this day prior to departure.

August 2nd: We will return at approximately 4:00. Please remember that we will be traveling with 80+ students and this return time can fluctuate by 30 minutes either way. Once we are on the road we will have student begin texting/calling their rides.