Things to Know about CIY…

July 17th 7 PM: Packing at Third City Christian Church. Bring everything you can! We will also be handing out emergency contact numbers

July 18th 7 AM: Leaving Third City Christian Church. Be here by 6:30!

July 18-24: We will be staying at Windermere Baptist Conference Center in Roach, MO.

July 24th: We will depart Roach, MO at approximately 5:00 AM with the hopes of arriving in Grand Island by 4:30

What To Bring:

Bedding, showering supplies, Bible, Notebook, Pen, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Walking Shoes, Reusable Water Bottle

What NOT To Bring:

Anything illegal, excessive amounts of cash

LADIES: The camp has asked that you please do not wear tank tops or cutoff shirts during CIY, unless you're swimming.


Cell Phones:

Every year we make the request that your students leave their phones at home. We encourage students to not bring cell phones for several reasons. First of all, camp is a great place for those things to get lost/stolen/broken, and I don’t want your students associating one of those bad situations with their time at CIY. Second, one of the purposes of CIY is to get away from the distractions of Grand Island. Those distractions include boyfriends/girlfriends, coaches, teachers, employers, and yes even parents! Your students will be okay, you were raised in a non-cellular society… your kids will live without hearing from you every waking moment. Finally, if we do have home sick students we like to know that they are struggling so we can help comfort them. If your student is hiding under their blanket at night talking to you we will have no idea they are struggling and may increase the pain! Students have constant access to any adults phone if they need to contact you!

Bathing Suits:

The camp we are staying at requires that our ladies wear one piece bathing suits or tankinis where the top touches the bottom. They can also wear a dark colored tank top over the top of a bikini.


Any additional questions, email Josh at