part 2: Serve
Parker Loghry

part 1: Worship Without Limits
Scott Jones

Our Vision: LOVE•unlimited
Scott Jones

part 2: Serve
Parker Loghry

part 1: Worship
Josh Sikes

- Apologetics on the Resurrection: Jacob Watson
- What God sees when He looks at the Cross: Josh Sikes

Love as Jesus Loved
Parker Loghry

Pursue The Right Things
Josh Sikes

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part 7: Know Your Story
Parker Loghry

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part 5: Can't Quit It
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part 4: What is your plan with God's calling in your life?
Jacob Watson

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part 3: The Bold Ask
Josh Sikes

part 2: Healthy Heartbreak Demands Action from a Kingdom Worker.
Parker Loghry

part 1: Breaking Through
Josh Sikes

Josh Sikes & Parker Loghry

Third City Christian Church Newsletter - April 18, 2018
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Third City Christian Church  |  4100 W. 13th Street  |  Grand Island, NE 68803
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Sunday service times: 8:00 AM traditional; 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM contemporary

The Best Kind of Church Challenge Ever!

For virtually as long as Third City has been in existence, we have been able to work on the best problem a church can have: Growing pains. For us to keep reaching people, we must continually come up with short, intermediate and long term solutions that will keep the doors open for the next person seeking hope in Christ.  

When everything is working, there are still three issues that will put a lid on a churches growth…
  • Parking (We are already seeing people come and go without entering into the church building due to parking limitations)
  • Children’s space (Kid City is large, but it has limits that in some ways hinder people flow and large gathering experiences)
  • Seating capacity in the auditorium (We are regularly at capacity at one and sometimes both the 9:30 and 11:00 services)

We want to make sure we don’t stop growing! And the best thing about Third City is YOU! Sometimes the best way to love someone else is to endure some personal inconveniences. You have always been willing to inconvenience yourself so that someone else can have a pathway to God.  

We are strategizing for some intermediate and long term solutions, but here are a few ways you can pave the way for others in the mean time:
  1. If you drive here using North Rd or come from the east to west on 13th Street, begin using ENGLEMAN RD, because sometime in the near future construction will begin on 13th Street and North Rd.
  2. Try to arrive early enough to get your people in place! A good rule of thumb is to be in the building 10 minutes before services start (unless you are ordering at City Grounds and/or checking in your kiddos, then add another 10).
  3. If you are physically able, park far and even in the gravel lot and leave the close spaces for the physically challenged and families with infants and toddlers. And be sure to park in the lines! IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SERVE OTHERS, start parking on Redwood Rd. (in front of Westridge Middle School) and walk across the street to church. We are planning to add a shuttling system for off street parking in the near future!
  4. When you sit in the worship center, go forward and move in to the center of the section.
  5. If you are a parent who has children 5th grade or under, please consider letting them go to Kid City for Groove! It is a great ministry! They will grow, you will get more out of the service, and it will open up more seats for adults and everyone will benefit. And we are always searching for people who want to love kids by volunteering in kids ministry!
  6. Parents, when you are checking out your nursery/toddler child, keep the counter area and hallway clear so that others can get their child after you have retrieved yours.  After you get your child’s bag and shoes, take them to a place out of the way and help them so that we can keep people flowing.
We are so very, very happy that our challenges are the kinds that allow us to think about how we can make more room for people who need the love of God. Thank you for your service!

Upcoming Message

We are in a teaching series that explains our vision, mission and core values. Two weeks ago we unpacked Worship by seeing how Jesus transformed a woman in Samaria. Recall that worship is not necessarily tied to a place, but rather it is a way of life. This can also be said of serving! Last week, Parker showed us from Galatians 5 and other places what it means to Serve. He challenged all of us to take a step by serving someone this week as an expression of our worship.  

This coming Sunday, Scott will explain our foundation for living out love: Grow. And just as Worship an Serve are a state of being, so is growth. If your child stopped growing, you would search far and wide to find solutions for their health. The term, “stunted Christian” should never apply to you!  

To prepare for the message, read from I Cor. 3:6-7; Eph. 4 and Heb. 5-6.

LOVE•unlimited Study Guide

Team Guatemala 2018

The Third City Guatemala missions team will be ministering June 2nd through the 9th. They will be building houses, fitting wheelchairs, and distributing Bibles, clothes, and food all the while sharing the love of Christ.

The team needs to raise approximately $2,500 to purchase building materials, sponsor wheelchairs, and provide needs for Guatemalan families. The funds are needed by April 30th. Please mark any gifts for the team as "Guatemala mission".

Stop by the table in The Plaza this Sunday to learn how you can financially and prayerfully support them. Please contact Jen Murray for more information.

"We can't do it without you! Thank you!" 

email Jen Murray

Baby Dedication - Saturday, May 5th

We are excited to announce the addition of a celebration event to our May Baby Dedication! This new Baby Dedication Celebration is meant to serve as a way for you as parents to begin thinking about what your child needs most – and we believe that is love. 

New parents will join us on Saturday, May 5th at 10:00 AM for the Baby Dedication Celebration. On Sunday, May 6th, parents and babies will be introduced to our church family and parents will commit to maintain a Christian home where Christ is honored and the Word of God is held in awe.

Because of the celebratory nature of dedicating a baby, we encourage parents to invite other family members to join them for church Sunday, May 6th.

Registration deadline is Sunday, April 29th. Please contact Taryn Kohmetscher for more information.
email Taryn
Register for Baby Dedication

Element Senior Sunday - May 6th

Each year we look forward to honoring our students who are finishing high school. We will be recognizing the class of 2018 with a slide show during all three services Sunday, May 6th. If you have a graduate that you would like to have recognized this year, please get your pictures to Parker or Josh in digital format by this Monday, April 23rd.
email Josh
email Parker

Kid's Summer Events Registration

Kid's Ministry Summer Events Registration is now open!  To register for Camp Ignite, Pre-K Palooza (Preschool VBS) and Palooza (Elementary VBS), click the link below or email Shannon Hatfield. 
Event Registration
email Shannon

Celebrate Recovery Step Study

Celebrate Recovery Step Study small groups are the extension of the regular Thursday night meetings. The Step Study groups go through all 25 CR lessons using the 4 participants guides. Participants answer and discuss questions at the end of each lesson. Step Study groups meet together once a week, with separate groups for men and women.

The Celebrate Recovery Men’s Step Study is now meeting Monday evenings at 6:30 PM. For more information, please contact Mike Wagner. 

email Mike Wagner

Heartland Celebration of Freedom

This year’s HCF will be Saturday, June 30th. Last year, over 3000 people came and enjoyed a fantastic night of music, food trucks, family amusements and fireworks. We honored those who serve as first responders and protectors of freedom here and abroad. We also recognized two first responders with a financial gift to assist them through a rough patch in their lives. And as always, the event was capped by a grand fireworks display!

Last year was the first year that the event was FREE! That is made possible by generous sponsors. We are currently seeking sponsors for this year’s Celebration. If you or your business would like to contribute, please contact Taylor Jones or Scott Jones. 

email Taylor
email Scott

Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit is coming to Third City on August 9th & 10th!  All Third City members & attenders can register now for a discounted rate of $89.00. Register on our website or email Lora Quandt for more information. 
email Lora
GLS Online

Financial Report 4/11/18

2018 Budget Goal:  $1,515,200.00

General Fund Given Year to Date:  $499,477.00   
Ministry Expenses Year to Date:  $423,422.00
Building Giving (April 1st to Date):  $8,956.00
Estimated Pay Off on Debt as of 4/11:  $726,360.00

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