part 5: The Rhythm Of Giving
Parker Loghry

part 4: The Rhythm Of Serving
Scott Jones

part 3: The Rhythm Of Fighting
Scott Jones

part 2: The Rhythm Of Listening
Scott Jones

part 1: "A God Of Rhythm"
Scott Jones

Fall Gear Up
Scott Jones

Why We Are Here
Josh Sikes

CIY Sunday
Josh Sikes & Parker Loghry

Third City Christian Church Newsletter - September 19, 2018
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Third City Christian Church  |  4100 W. 13th Street  |  Grand Island, NE 68803
308-384-5038  |  office@thirdcitychristian.org  |  www.thirdcitychristian.org
Sunday service times: 
8:00 AM traditional; 9:00, 10:15 & 11:30 AM contemporary

When our lives are in rhythm with God and each other, it’s beautiful harmony!
  • Sept. 23 - The Rhythm of Sharing
  • Sept. 30 - The Rhythm of Celebrating

Connect Ministries Update

Jason Newman has resigned his role as Connect Director as of the end of September. Jason has served admirably and done a great job of furthering the ministry that Connect provides. We are very fortunate that Clayton Loghry serves as a Connect Director. If you have any questions about Connect you can contact Clayton. 
email Clayton
From Jason:

"Susan and I consider Third City Christian Church our second home. Serving the church, and serving people are an important part of our lives. I was baptized here, Susan and I met in the youth group, were married here, and it has been a privilege to be employed at Third City. I am grateful to have been called to direct Connect, and confident the program will thrive in the future. I fully intend to continue my involvement and volunteer at Third City because I love this church and believe deeply in our mission. I am grateful for the families who believe so strongly in our program. I greatly appreciate the friendships I have made because of this role! I will certainly miss seeing “our” Connect kids every day. Thank you for your support!"
Jason Newman

Annual Celebration Of The Church
& Congregational Meeting October 7th, 2018

Don’t miss being a part of celebrating a great 2018 and anticipating what God can do through our ministries moving forward into the next year!  

Annual Meeting:  Each year we present a budget for approval by the congregation. A copy of the budget is available for review through the finance office during weekdays. Copies will also be made available at The Hub beginning September 23rd. If you have any questions regarding the budget, visit with Brian Mustion or any of our elders.  

 In addition, we will be asking you to affirm the vision to launch a church in Custer County.  For questions regarding Custer County, see Scott Jones, Josh Sikes or any of our elders.  Elders:  Larry Gerdes, Del Friesen, Ray Harmon, Kent Mann, Brad Pattison, Gerry Ruttman, Bryan Stutzman, Dennis Tolen.

Though everyone is welcome to attend the meeting, bylaws state that you need to be a member in good standing and 18 years or older to vote. Listing of membership and voting eligibility will be posted on the East office windows and the West Hub beginning September 23rd.

Morning of Baptisms - September 30th

One of the great days of our year occurs on the Morning of Baptisms. Being baptized is a great celebration because baptism brings God and people together so that God can make them a new person through Jesus Christ. When a person is baptized, they are visibly proclaiming Christ’s LOVE•unlimited in front of many people. We are praying that everyone who believes in Christ but who has not been baptized by immersion will take this step on September 30th!

To learn more or to sign up to be baptized on September 30th, click the button below or email Lora Quandt. 
email Lora

Marriage Revolution is a weekend conference designed to strengthen the health of your marriage and oneness with your spouse. Featuring live speakers Hans & Star Molegraaf, you will hear real-life stories and applicable ideas to enhance your own marriage. Mark your calendar for October 26th & 27th!
Tickets are sale now by clicking the button below or stop at the table in The Plaza this Sunday. 
Ticket cost:
$40 for single / $75 for couples through September 30th.
$50 / $90 beginning October 1st.
Buy Tickets

National Recovery Month is an annual observance in September to educate Americans that treatment, mental health services and 12 Step Recovery Groups can enable people to live a healthy and rewarding life. Celebrate Recovery, in conjunction with National Recovery Month, wishes to celebrate the gains made by those in recovery here in our community and our church body! Celebrate Recovery is the place for you!  CRGI meets Thursday nights at 7:00 PM. Come as you are.
What’s Unique about CR? 

1. Celebrate Recovery is based on God’s Word, the Bible. When Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount, He began by stating eight ways to be happy. Today we call them the Beatitudes. From a conventional viewpoint, most of these statements don’t make sense. They sound like contradictions. But when you fully understand what Jesus is saying, you’ll realize that these eight principles are God’s road to recovery, wholeness, growth, and spiritual maturity. 

2. Celebrate Recovery is forward-looking. Rather than wallowing in the past or dredging up and rehearsing painful memories over and over, Celebrate Recovery focuses on the future. Regardless of what has already happened, the solution is to start making wise choices now and depend on Christ’s power to help make those changes. 

3. Celebrate Recovery emphasizes personal responsibility. Instead of playing the “accuse and excuse” game of victimization, this program helps people face up to their own poor choices and deal with what they can do something about. We cannot control all that happens to us, but we can control how we respond to everything. That is a secret of happiness. When we stop wasting time fixing the blame, we have more energy to fix the problem. When we stop hiding our own faults and stop hurling accusations at others, then the healing power of Christ can begin working in our mind, will, and emotions.
Email CRGI
Celebrate Recovery

Baby Dedication - October 20th

Our next Baby Dedication weekend is October 20th & 21st. On Saturday morning the 20th, parents are invited to come with their children and learn about the ministries that TCCC offers to kids and how they can engage in them. Then on Sunday at 11:30 AM, we will offer a dedication experience in the worship service. Registration deadline is Sunday, October 14th. To participate click the button below, or contact Taryn Kohmetscher for more information. 
email Taryn
Baby Dedication Registration

Third City is proud to bring you the 2019 Global Leadership Summit. The GLS is a high-quality local experience, simulcast live from the Willow Creek campus on Thursday & Friday, August 8-9, 2019. All Third City members & attenders can register now at the discounted rate of $79.00. Register on our website or email Lora Quandt for more information.
email Lora
Global Leadership Summit

Military Salute & Holiday Care Packages

Our team is collecting names for donations in support of members of Third City Christian Church who serve our country’s military. The military form will serve to update our pre-service military salute and the mailing information for holiday care packages. Please click on the link below to enter your information and upload a photo for the pre-service military salute.
Military Form

Financial Report To Date

2018 Budget Goal:  $1,515,200.00

General Fund Given - Year to Date:   $1,115,754.68
Ministry Expenses - Year to Date:  $1,036,994.97
Building Giving - April 1st to Date:    $56,551.57

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