A few statements on giving

When we think about giving and stewardship, we are not thinking just about money. The Bible takes a whole life view on giving. After all, Jesus gave His life and He asks us to give our lives in trust back to Him. So, when we give of ourselves in any way - time, talent, prayer, worship, or resources - we are giving to Him! As a Christian, my constant challenge is to hand everything about myself in trust back to God. Because nothing truly belongs to me; it all belongs to God.

Our church's vision for giving

Third City Christian Church’s vision for giving is that as a church and as Christians we trust God with everything we have. We believe the promises that Jesus stated in Mt. 6:25-34 that culminates with Him assuring us that if we “seek first His kingdom and and His righteousness, all these things will be given to us as well.” The things He promises are ample provision and minimal worry about life.

What our giving goes towards

When we give, we are joining with others in our church to make a powerful and unified commitment to a very important cause: reaching our world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Alone, my offering may have an impact. Just like one ember or coal in a fire produces limited heat but the synergy of many coals produces a powerful fire; so does our unified giving! Over the last year, together we have empowered ministries, missionaries, outreach and benevolence initiatives, the building of facilities for the purpose of reaching people, supported colleges that train church leaders, and many other vital ministries that change lives!

How we give

We want to make your giving experience as effective and easy as possible! I have found the most personally rewarding and consistent way for me to give is by using the automatic bank withdrawal method that I utilize for most of my bill paying. Since I began using bank withdraw, it has allowed me to give without the concern of missing a week of my tithe and offerings for Uncommon. By using PushPay I am able to easily begin, modify and track my giving to Third City Christian Church. But there are many ways to give: in the morning collection though cash or check or you can even use the card feature through PushPay. We would also welcome a discussion with you on estate planning, stocks and bonds, and other forms of asset support for the work of God if you would so wish. You decide what is best for you! The key for me is, “how can I live a life that is faithful in giving and what method allows for me to be the most effective in that?”

A thank you for generosity

When a Christian grasps the concept of true stewardship, we come to know that the Word means far more than managing money. Stewardship encompasses virtually every aspect of a Christian’s life! It is the wise, purposeful management of all that we have in order to worship and serve GOD. Thank you for your willingness to live a life that pleases Him and at the same time trusting us to serve Him with you as you give at Third City!


Pastor Scott Jones


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