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This week, Parker talked about what it means to have new eyes to see and a new heart to feel. Both of these come as a result of a new realization or perspective on our life and God’s purpose for it. Just like your homework doesn’t do itself as you sleep, a heart likely will not immediately change while one is under the baptism waters. However, dying to sin and old habits and leading a new life in Christ can unlock a capacity to see and feel like we’ve never known before.

Parker also shared that we’re born into our families, and born again spiritually. These are different decisions made by different people, and both of them play a big role in my personal baptism story.

Being born into a family was not necessarily our choice to make. Like Parker said, one day, we just wake up in the reality that becomes our life. Once we’re old enough to understand the value of our lives, we accept responsibility for it. Personally, being born again spiritually wasn’t a decision that I initially made either. I was baptized in another church before I was one year old. Long before I knew the promises God had made me, I had been baptized in His name. Up until October of my 8th grade year, I believed that my journey through baptismal practices was over. As I watched many of my peers and classmates get baptized, I convinced myself that having a little handful of water sprinkled on my head before I could walk was enough of an excuse for me to be able to play an “exempt” card. This was until I opened my eyes to the true meaning of baptism. I can’t say what day it was, but one day, after watching a baptism at Third City, the illustration of an old life being put to death, and a new life being raised from that death was finally made clear to me. It was the ultimate “aha” moment for me. From that moment on, the Holy Spirit was tugging at my heart to make the decision to be baptized. I realized that this was truly my decision to make, and it was just between me and God this time. I didn’t want my peers or the church to rush my decision. I knew that this decision was incredibly important and I wanted to make sure that I understood that fact before making a public commitment. I ended up being baptized with my mom, which was very special to me.

This week, I challenge you to consider what baptism means, whether you’ve been baptized or not. Explore the meaning of being born into a new life, or revisit it. My first breath out of the water felt like the lightest, simplest breath I’d ever taken. I believe the weight of my old life had been dropped off my shoulders at the bottom of the pool, and I had emerged as a new person who fully recognized the sacrifice Jesus made for me. Trust God with control your burdens and sins, for He will give you peace and rest.

Author: Myah Brown