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This week, Parker talked about a normal and healthy element of faith, which is doubt. No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, doubt is ineludible. From non-believers, to the most famous believers of all time, doubt has the same effects on our minds. Parker also talked about healthy kinds of doubt as well as game over doubt, the difference between doubt that helps us get to where we’re going, and the doubt that only adds weight to our “sled of life” we’re constantly pushing. No matter what, you will have doubts. Just don’t let them be dead ends.

Whenever we doubt, we do it because we don’t know the end of the story. Think of a time you wanted to try something new, but something swayed you right before you did. Maybe is was smelling canned tuna before trying it or watching a person jump off the high dive and land with a painful belly flop when you were next in line. All of a sudden, what seemed so new, fun, and interesting turns into “what if” scenarios that make us second-guess ourselves. It’s when we’re put to the test that our doubts that seemed so small are suddenly the center of attention. They’re like fracture in a bone. If you keep walking on them, they’ll turn into painful breaks.

When Peter denied to know Jesus those three times, he did it out of the doubt and fear that associating himself with Jesus would hold consequences for him. It wasn’t like Peter had been to vacation bible school. Peter didn’t know the end of the story. It’s easy to look back on this story and claim that it wouldn’t have been difficult to stand with Jesus, because we know how His story ended. He didn’t understand there was going to be a resurrection and a series of seemingly unrealistic events that proved Jesus is who He said He is. All Peter was thinking was “maybe when they’re done with Jesus, they’ll come after me.”

This week, I challenge you to evaluate your doubts. What are some of the ways that God might answer your questions or doubts? What is the one question that you would ask God if he were sitting next to you right now? Sometimes we want all the answers. We want complete understanding before we commit to God, but If He gave you proof, you wouldn’t need faith. Faith is not the absence of doubt, it is the means to overcome it. You’re doubt is the evidence of your growth. The closer you get, the more questions you have. You might not know how your story will play out, but you can be sure that God will hold true to his promises.

Author: Myah Brown