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Good Soil


This week, Josh talked about being firmly planted in truth; hearing and understanding the Word, rather than being temporarily satisfied, then falling away under pressure and trial. No matter what environment we’re growing in, we will surely experience thorns and weeds, and they won’t always be obvious. They can slowly wrap around us at the base and constrict our growth. We must be aware of these distractions so we don’t become a product of them, while staying firmly rooted in Christ.

Sometimes, God will interrupt your progress in order to get your attention. God doesn’t want to see you tangled in weeds. He doesn’t want you to grow into the thorny bushes of jealousy, anger, doubt, and selfishness. Picture a rose bush. If you only look at the bottom half, you’ll see prickly, intertwining thorns. This is where some of you might find yourselves; growing along the ground, wrapped in weeds, and poked by thorns. These distractions keep you from the real beauty you would see if only you would look up. The roses lay on top of the bush. The top half of the rose bush picture is flawless and beautiful. God wants you to stand up tall and firm in your foundation, and leave the distractions behind, so you can join Him in a prosperous life.

God brings your attention to this because he sees you expending effort in the wrong direction. What you see underneath the rose bush might look like progress. However, what you’re calling progress could actually be paralysis from heaven’s perspective. When you base your growth off of the final score represented by the scoreboard, or off of the number of Instagram likes on your last post, your heart is rooted in distraction.

This week, I challenge you to dig deep into the soil of faith, and build your foundation there. Try to minimize distractions, and to maximize time with God, and He will present the beauty of the top half of the picture to you. God had a purpose for you before anyone had an opinion about you. He wants to prosper you and grow you into a strong and faithful person.

Author: Myah Brown