Celebrate Recovery

Job Description - Paid Position
Teacher: Nursery - 5th grade

The teacher will minister under the supervision of the Celebrate Recovery Leadership Team. 


  • Pray regularly and show a genuine spiritual concern for each child.
  • Be faithful and punctual in attendance each week.
  • Arrive by 6:30 PM to prep room, gather supplies and get check-in ready.
  • Spend the necessary time needed in preparation so the lesson will be presented in a Biblical age-appropriate, and meaning way.
  • As needed, inform the CR Leadership Team that you will need a substitute when you are gone. If possible leave the curriculum with the team one week prior to assure the substitute ample time to prepare.
  • Lead Volunteers: providing updates in "protocol" and supervision.
  • Faithfully attend and participate in a Sunday morning worship service.
  • Member/Regular attender of Third City Christian Church.