March 1st-3rd Every Father/Son relationship is a little different. Some guys hunt, some are gamers, some are Netflix junkies. Regardless of what you do or don’t share in common with your son, every son desires time with their father, and every father wishes to pass wisdom on to their son.

Enter Boys II Men... 

This weekend is not designed to tell you, or your son, what you are doing wrong. This is a weekend designed to simply give you the time, and space to look at each other and talk. The heart of a son longs to hear from his father. The heart of a father longs to impart the important things of life unto his son. Boys II Men is a weekend that sets the environment for necessary conversations to happen.

So if you are the father of a 5th grader through a Senior in high school, this is a weekend you do not want to miss. This weekend will be full of laughter, guns, bows, fishing poles, climbing walls, and BACON!!!

Registrations are $100 per family (even if you have multiple kids the price is the same), and scholarships are available! This covers your food/lodging, climbing wall, crate stacking, archery, and other activities. If you want to bring fishing equipment/firearms that is something you will need to provide!