2017 update: Summer Connect is full for summer 2017. If you would like to know more about the program for 2018 (Registration dates or activities) or get on a waiting list for summer 2017 - please email us connect@thirdcitychristian.org.

1/2 Time = 25 Days (out of 49); 3/4 Time = 37 Days (out of 49); Full Time = 49 Days

The Summer Program is from June 5 thru August 11.

We offer an opportunity to have fun, explore our community through activities / field trips, and to grow in a Christian environment.

To register, connect requires all paperwork and 1/4 of the summer payment. open enrollment begins March 1.

Summer Connect is an outreach ministry of Third City Christian Church. The program offers elementary children a variety of extended learning opportunities and activities in a safe, secure, Christian environment.

Children will have an opportunity to: 

Participate in prayer, a daily devotional and worship
Participate in spelling and craft groups
Participate in learning activities

Where Opportunity, New Life, and Excellence come together in each child. Connect exists to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

To register:

Complete the enrollment forms
Send current immunization records
Return all paperwork to Third City or the Connect front desk.

Newly enrolled families will need to submit the appropriate deposit to reserve a spot in Summer Connect.

For an enrollment packet contact our staff - connect@thirdcitychristian.org or call 308-381-3601.

If you would like to learn more about our after school or summer program for K-5 students, please contact the Director, Jason Newman - jason@thirdcitychristian.org.